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Symbiosis of brokenness and wholeness

Go away,
embattled friend
My presence I should not
need to you defend.

Why do you cast shadow
when stars and fortune align?
Why disbelieve talents
divinely given and thus are mine?

Neglect and cruelty shaped you
for years — how could you know?
Completely unable to esteem thyself
addiction seems apropos

To fill the void and ease the ache,
feel valued beyond measure.
And yet all accolades external
are a desert mirage treasure.

How could I live without you,
the only Me I’ve ever known?
Very well, I thank you much
your thoughts and skills I’ve outgrown.

I have a gift. It must be shared.
Far and wide my words will spread.
Even so fame and riches
are not my daily bread.

Your life’s dream is in motion,
existential your heart’s desire.
Let not untruths and self ill will
deflame heaven’s holy fire.

Hello, my name is Angie…and I am a recovering codependent…