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Repentance, Racial Healing & Reconciliation, Radical Love

This week One Tribe celebrates the 2012 Olympic Games that are presently being held in London.  We enjoy a celebratory tone and honor the spirit that infuses every athlete and event each Olympiad.  It is a spirit of unity, of human graciousness, of sportsmanship, and of mutual respect for one’s sister or brother competitor (coach, official, etc.).

This week’s post posits:  What would the world be like if our gatherings  at home and worldwide looked and felt like the Olympics do?

Click here to read “Woman, in Progress…” own Angie Mabry-Nauta’s Olympic contribution to the conversation of racial healing and reconciliation.

One Tribe is a weekly forum dedicated to open discussion of racial healing. It appears each Monday.  Contributors represent many walks of life, but have in common these foundational beliefs: (1) racism is sin; (2) only the power of Christ through the Holy Spirit can break racism’s grip and heal people and relationships; and (3) as Christians, racial healing and reconciliation are part of God’s call upon our lives.  The good news of the gospel is that all are one in Christ (Gal 3:28). May it be so!

All who hold to the above defined beliefs about racism are invited to write for One Tribe.  Please email Angie at revmabrynauta@gmail.com to express interest in contributing and for additional information.