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Rev. Elizabeth Goodrich in the chancel of Gardendale Presbyterian Church in 2009. Photo Credit: Michelle Williams/Birmingham, AL News

Ministry is hard. This should go without saying, and people on the whole recognize this truth. Still, it is good to be reminded. It is a blessing, a joy, a challenge, a spiritual and emotional drain at times, a vocation and not just a job. Without doubt ministry is a gift from God.

While this is true for male clergy, on the whole ministry remains (unfortunately) a greater challenge for female clergy. We have the added challenge of defending our calls, our “right” to be ministers or rabbis, bearing subtle and blatant sexism (we have to choose the times that we fight it wisely), and having conversations that our brothers of the cloth are spared from.

Today I enter one of those female-clergy-only conversations via my own experience. I’m blessed to be over at my friend Ed Cyzweski’s Women in Ministry series. Please hop on over there to read how I answer the question Is there room for pregnancy and pregnancy loss in the pulpit?