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Author and speaker Lara Krupicka

Author and speaker Lara Krupicka

One of the coolest things that Christian writers do is support each other’s work. We see this as glorifying God, and helping to share the message that God placed on the author’s heart to varying audiences. It is a privilege to welcome Lara Krupicka to “Woman, in Progress…” today. She is a Redbud Writer’s Guild sister, and a strong woman of faith. Lara recently released her new e-book, Family Bucket Lists: Bring More Fun, Adventure, & Camaraderie into Everyday, about which she blogs below.

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Live on purpose through your bucket list

By Lara Krupicka

"Family Bucket Lists" now available for purchase at www.larakrupicka.com

“Family Bucket Lists” now available for purchase at http://www.larakrupicka.com

God created you with a purpose.

Most of us believe that. In fact, we’re hard-wired with a desire to have a sense of purpose. It’s why we often ask the question, “what is God’s will for my life?” But sometimes we make getting to the answer too hard. We act as though it’s a mystery that God wants to keep hidden from us.

It’s not.

We know that the Bible spells out how we are to live. Following God’s word gives us His general will for our lives. But we all want more – we know we are unique and our purpose is unique. We want to know specifically what God would have us do with our lives. And a portion of that, I believe, He has written into our beings.

In Psalm 139 David talks about how intimately familiar God is with him (and also us). God knows all of our actions day-to-day. He knows our thoughts. And he knows our very makeup – our inmost being- because He formed us in our mother’s womb. God ordained every one of our days.

Paying attention to our deepest desires and dreams (those that spring from our inmost being) can give us clues to who God created us to be and what He created us to do. When we create our own “bucket list” of how we want to spend our time here on this earth, we give ourselves a chance to explore those desires that are unique to us.

One of my daughters showed an aptitude for spatial visualization at a very young age. By the time she was three she could put together 60-piece puzzles and would flip them upside down when they got too easy. As a nine-year-old she spends hours building her own creations out of Legos. Her life dream? To become a Lego Master Builder.

Do you get the idea that God has wired her to be skilled at building? And not just skilled, but thrilled? I won’t pigeonhole her just yet and say she’ll become an architect one day (although a mom can hope). But I am glad to see that she is taking note of how God created her with those particular abilities and desires. As a mom I want to encourage her to steward those abilities and take advantage of ways she can live out that life dream today in small ways.

If you come from a family background where dreams and desires weren’t recognized and honored, take heart. You can still dream. God does have a plan (or many) for you (Jeremiah 29:11). Find those who will encourage you – your family or good friends. Ask them to join you in creating a bucket list to explore how God uniquely designed each of you.

Then start with just one goal, small or big. Test it against God’s word and take it to Him in prayer. Know that He is just waiting for you to live into your life purpose. Then take the first step.

Finally, Ephesians 5 tells us we’re to be wise in how we live. We’re to make the most of every opportunity. Writing down your life dreams can help you move forward in honoring how God created you. And it can be a tangible way to make the most of the days you have.

Lara Krupicka is the author of the new e-book, Family Bucket Lists: Bring More Fun, Adventure, and Camaraderie Into Every Day. Check out more of Lara’s writing at www.larakrupicka.com.