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2 thoughts on “One Tribe Archives”

  1. Mike Powells said:

    I know I posted this on Facebook last week, but wanted to let my feeling of this shine out!
    Wow! That’s deep. Fantastic article. I myself, back in my teen years dealing with that, either publiclly or private. I’m sure as time goes WE CAN AND WILL DO ALL THINGS IN CHRIST WHO STRENGHTENS US. Angie, again FANTASTIC

    • Thanks for stopping by here, too, Mike…and thanks for your strong affirmation and support! 🙂 I hope that the conversation spreads and that more and more folk open up and talk to one another about this stuff. Yes, multicultural relationships have an added level of complication that other relationships do not. I know also that you, me and lots of people we know are not ones for always taking the easy roads, and THANK GOD for it! Looking forward to continuing the journey together!

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